Millennial Princess ft. The Art Robe India

The Millennial Princess: Taking elegance to a new level! ❤


Hello Beautiful readers! Today’s post on TSC is a little unusual. Keep reading to know what’s it about!?

This post is about a beautiful collaboration with The Art Robe India. A beautifully designed gown & my styling (with a twist), put across as a photo story in this post.


The Millennial Princess

Stood on her feet all day, slogged away to buy those shiny pair of shoes (she had been eyeing for weeks) & drove herself home! Who said she isn’t a princess, she is the Millennial Princess.

She isn’t the princess waiting for her prince charming to turn those castles of dreams to reality. She is the millennial. She is her own hero & she gets her work done. No maids to brush those long tresses, no horse carriages, no red carpets. So how is she a princess? I think I should refer to her as the warrior princess!…

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