Happy Women’s Day ’17

Yaay! It’s International Women’s Day today. So I was browsing through all the cute posts celebrating our day, for what we have achieved and what we are yet to achieve, and this particular quote by Marissa Meyer caught my attention!

“Maybe the princess could save herself. This sounds like a pretty good story too.”

Heck ya! Why not?!

We are somehow forced into this obnoxious narrative of..”there was a prince”, “and a princess, who he goes on to rescue”, blah! blah! etc. through our childhood story books and even most of the movie plots. It’s sad to see adults actually believing that and irksome to see young children being fed that. The least they could do with such story line (if not putting it to trash) is portray them as equal. After all who doesn’t seek help in this interdependent world?!

If a women (both cis- and trans-!) can be a dutiful daughter, responsible professional, proactive wife, caring mother (Yes! Trans-women can be mothers too. Adopting and caring for the young to help them lead a successful life is also important.) or instructive grandmother. Then, why wouldn’t we be able to save ourselves?! Right? What we need to do is believe in ourselves and our strengths, support our sisters, work hard with the determination of replying to the skeptics in kind and never lose hope! Sharpening our skills and developing our attitude and personality is as important. In fact, they are interlinked.

1488796612_transgenderWe are different in form, shape, size, color, religion, background, etc. – We are all women!

That quote by Marissa reminded me of Neerja Bhanot, the late flight attendant of Pan Am airways. Although she had to sacrifice herself, she never feared the consequence when she saved the lives of passengers of the hijacked  flight Pan Am Flight 73. This is much beyond the trivial stories of a prince saving the princess and then living happily ever after. Her bravery and selflessness deserves to be mentioned to inspire young girls and make them believe that they don’t need a prince to save them, that they can save themselves and even protect the helpless! Each of us are superstars and heroes in our own ways.

Feminists and women pioneers around the world managed to overcome all difficulties and traversed over a path full of thorns, not for them  or their contemporaries alone, but also for us, so that we may lead a comfortable life and work for the well being of our daughters! We must therefore, take the opportunity today to honor their memories and remind ourselves of their legacies and sacrifices; and work towards empowering our daughters so that they may be independent and fearless.

Happy Women’s Day! 🙂


P.S.: I am a proud women and feel fortunate to be blessed with femininity!


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